Green Initiative Ideas

Green Initiative Ideas

enerfy-efficiency.jpgGreen Initiative Ideas

Green Initiative Ideas are ideas that promote monetary and resource savings. Pursuing such savings benefit not only your bottom line, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Water Efficiency

An average restaurant can use 300,000 gallons of water per year. Simple changes you can make will promote water efficiency and conservation in foodservice facilities. Management of water includes the areas of landscaping, food preparation, dining/serving, dishwashing, ice production, restrooms & maintenance.



• Make sure you are watering plants and nothing else – don’t overwater

• If possible, re-use or catch rain water for watering

Food Preparation

• Never leave water running – when possible use sinks of water, not running water

• Use low flow faucet aerators in hand washing and kitchen sinks

Dining & Serving

• Only serve water to customers upon request


• Load to capacity and use water efficient dishwashers

• Use low flow pre-rinse spray nozzles

• Compostable/biodegradable trays and other serving items save gallons of water a day

Ice Production

• Use water efficient ice machines – get one large machine rather than two small ones


• Install a 1.6 gallon or less per flush, low-flow toilet – with dual flush handle (saves 25% water use)

• Hands-free faucets reduce both water waste and spread of germs


• Inspect often – repair leaks promptly



T&S “Cerama” Ceramic Cartridges are water-saving options available for many pre-rinse units and faucets. The design of ceramic cartridges requires water to flow through pre-determined holes thus reducing the water usage.

Energy Efficiency

The US EPA Energy Star rating is available for commercial cooking equipment: refrigerators/freezers, fryers, hot food cabinets, steam cookers and ice machines. Energy Star rated models can save over 40% in energy cost compared to non-Energy Star models with the exception of commercial ice machines that are on average 15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient that standard models.

Energy Star

Energy Star rated products may qualify for rebates through your local utility provider. The sales staff at Curtis Restaurant Equipment will assist you in selecting Energy Star rated products. Many of these products will qualify for substantial rebates.

Keeping your refrigeration equipment up to date will help you save on energy costs and also help protect our environment.
Use less energy than three standard 100 watt light bulbs! Less energy usage cuts down on energy bills and saves money.
Select Manitowoc Ice Machines are Energy Star rated and eligible for rebates.
Most gas providers offer a large rebate for this Pitco Frialator VF-35S Solstice Standard Gas Fryer, as it reduces gas usage by 35%.