Curtis Restaurant Equipment is a leader in customer service. We make the effort to go the extra mile for our clients. Our positive customer testimonials are a reflection of our superior service.

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pie.jpgA Pie A Day

A long time ago I worked at a restaurant in Ashland. One day the owner told me that we needed to replace a piece of equipment. He asked me to call a friend of his who sold equipment and to order it. Before I did that I found the model number and all of the details that I could locate and when that was done, I called his friend.

When I described the piece of equipment, the friend said he knew what we needed and that the machine in question was going to cost $800. That sounded like a lot of money to me and I told him that I would tell the owner and get back to him. And then I opened the phone book to the yellow pages and found the restaurant equipment section. Under that heading I saw this name “Curtis Restaurant Equipment”. I thought, “What the heck?” and called the number.

When the salesperson, Cheryl, answered the phone I told her what I was looking for and gave her all of the pertinent information. In a few moments she came back on the line and gave me a quote of $425. I thought I’d made a mistake and repeated the information once again and she confirmed that the quote was correct. “Can you fax a photo of the machine to me please?” I asked so that I could make sure that we were talking about the same item. When the fax came through I was amazed. My boss’ friend wanted to charge me nearly $400 more for the very same machine than this woman whom I did not know at all.

Of course, I ordered the machine from Curtis. I was extremely impressed with their prices and with their service… and was very pleased to receive a note card from them “thanking me” for my purchase. What a classy company!

This all happened many years ago… but memories like this are hard to forget. I have been a fan of Curtis ever since and will always recommend them. And to thank them for being good, honest, caring people I brought an Almond Pear Cheesecake Pie to the staff – Rod (and Donna), Cheryl, Krystal, and Alex. My sincere thanks to all of you for your emphasis on customer service. It is very much appreciated.

Karen Amarotico


chemeketa-sized.jpgChemeketa Community College

First thing I want to say is that the Shawn and Brian did an OUTSTANDING job working with me on the delivery and set-up of the large equipment order for Chemeketa and our new Yamhill campus. Their work ethics and attitudes were great and even as the long day stretched into 16-18 hours in length, they maintained their great attitudes and wiliness to work with me. I have told others and always felt that Curtis Restaurant Equipment was a step above your competitors in my previous years of dealing with Steve and you Lori. My day, very long day, working with Shawn and Brian and the great customer service they provided me justifies my thoughts that Curtis Restaurant Equipment is a first class organization with employees that know how to provide great customer service.

I hope you would you pass this message along to Shawn and Brian supervisor and any other management team member. Thank You Lori, as always for the great support you and Steve have provided me and the food service at Chemeketa Community College.

Doug Hurst
Chemeketa Community College Food Service Manager

cafe-yumm-logo.jpgCafé Yumm!

Curtis Restaurant Equipment brings expertise in restaurant consulting and design to our team. The Curtis staff communicates effectively with our architects, contractors, and subcontractors. Their knowledge of restaurant equipment and operations creates long term value and savings for us and our franchisees.

We have been working with Curtis Restaurant Equipment since 1996. 

In many instances, the Curtis staff have suggested onsite changes, which have saved us time and money in the construction of a new restaurant. But, the most valuable aspect of our relationship is working with a company that understands and respects our brand, our goals, and our values – you can’t buy that.

Mark Beauchamp
Beau Delicious! International, LLC
Franchisor of Cafe Yumm!®

the-cheesecake-factory-logo.jpgThe Cheesecake Factory

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jerry Bunn on a few projects now and he has proven to be a reliable resource and an extremely diligent project manager.
The work is always on time and under budget. I would highly recommend Jerry and all of the professionals at Curtis!

Mark Hunter
General Manager, Tigard, Oregon

great-plains-burger-company.jpgGreat Plains Burger Company

Our goal at Great Plains Burger Co was to build a state of the art kitchen and inviting dining area for our customers.
We wanted a partner with industry knowledge and attention to detail. Curtis Restaurant Equipment exceeded all our expectations. The difference is obvious.

Mo Farha
Great Plains Burger Co

umatilla-school.jpgUmatilla School District

I have worked with and purchased products from several restaurant supply stores during my 15 years as a School Food Service Director. Approximately four years ago I contacted Curtis for the first time and I have been a return customer ever since.

Mark Rawlings has been my salesperson over these years because of his outstanding customer service. Each time that I have sent out a Request for Proposal to at least two other companies, Mark’s proposal has always come back to me first. In all cases, Mark’s proposals were more detailed, providing descriptions, pictures and in some cases, websites where I could watch instructional videos on the pieces of equipment I was purchasing.

Because of Mark’s outstanding service, I will continue to purchase from Curtis Restaurant Equipment Company and continue to refer my colleagues.

Guy Jager
Child Nutrition Director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers is a not for profit food bank assisting local families in need with food boxes. We were able to acquire a property and construct a warehouse for food distribution. Our refrigeration units were quite old and really needed to be replaced with energy efficient units.

I contacted Curtis Restaurant Equipment and twice ordered units that fit our needs. The service was excellent and the price was right! If another need for equipment arises we will definitely order from Curtis!

Julie Davis
Executive Director