North Fork Public House

The new North Fork Public House restaurant and bar is located in the Crescent Village development on the ground floor of the beautiful Inkwell building. The building is designed and integrated with highly developed passive strategies for glazing, sun shading, orientation and envelope that fits seamlessly within the character of Crescent Village.

North Fork is a Northwest outdoor-inspired restaurant focused on sourcing ingredients from local farms and Oregon suppliers. A high quality farm to fork experience has been completed and is on track to be extremely successful. The restaurant offers grass-fed beef and wild seafood from Oregon’s rivers and coast, and supplies award-winning beers and a small vineyard wine list, all of which intend to honor the rich beauty of Oregon. The restaurant also projects multiple views of our wonderful state on a large screen as a live action slide show.

The reclaimed fir bar, reclaimed log sections, and the reclaimed pine tables show the dedication to an ecologically sound design and interactive setting. It pleases the senses while easing the burden placed on our environment.

Curtis Restaurant Equipment is very proud to have been chosen to partner in the design and implementation of this fine Eugene restaurant. Our team of specifiers, designers and installers worked very hard to help make the owner’s dreams become a reality.

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